Topic: Rawdump standards

Rawdump image format:

For CD's

Lead-in (toc) The last complete loop of the toc is preserved in a toc.sub file, might be needed to create a uniform format on these (exclude the timecode of the lead-in to only preserv the toc itself)

pregap+maindata is preserved in Raw 2448 byte format with interleaved subchannels.

If there is data in Lead-out it is included else its excluded, differences is documented for future use.

experimenting if its possible to use CCD-sheets with the raw output, since a scrambled parameter exists.

For DVD's

2418 byte sectors will be used.
(2048 byte of user data, 16 byte of header, 302 bytes of edc/ecc and 52 bytes of sync)

Everything is merged together in a single file

.raw extension will be used.

Like before subdump dumps of discs are always welcome, you can download subdump from this location Subdump

command to use: subdump -i ?: -f test.sub -mode 6 -rereadnum 25 -speed 4 -flushspeed 4 -fix 2
where ? should be changed to the letter of your Plextor drive.