Topic: Kryoflux dumping service

Do you have any old floppy disks laying around, and doesnt own a kryoflux unit

Well there is a way for you to be able to preserve your old disks, send them to a person that do have a Kryoflux unit and let that person do all the work for you, the contence will be sent to Kryoflux staff for examination and if the contence is unmodified and valid an IPF file will be created, that will be sent back to you when its done, the disk(s) will be sent back directly after dumping. Down below is a list of ppl who has a Kryoflux unit and are able to dump the contence, email the person who lives closest to you for further information.

--[FActORy] able to dump 3,5" & 5,25" Floppy Disks.
--[Peepo] able to dump 3,5", 5,25" Floppy & C64 Flippy disks, he also has a DC2N for cassette (datasette) preservation.